Sienna's tradizionale Lasagna

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Sienna’s Secret to a Perfect Lasagna

Our head chef Sienna De Luca, started off as a small hometown cook in the proud city of Sicily, Italy, home to the best pizza and pasta makers in the world. Having gained culinary experience for over 20 years, she specialises in creating mouth-watering Italian recipes that offers a taste of Italy in every bite. She does this by using the freshest ingredients and incorporating the technical skills passed down by her own family!

She often says, “If food is machine made, it’s not Italian, it’s preposterous!” With Sienna’s Traditional Lasagna (Triplo Cheese) Lasagna you can expect the rich flavours of handmade lasagna sheets layered with a slow simmered meat sauce and heaps of melty cheese – Hot, Aromatic, and Decadent. Now you don’t have to travel to Italy just to get good lasagna!

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Our promise

Freshly Handmade

Frozen lasagna? Definitely not! Even our pasta sheets are made from scratch!

Chefs Trained in Italy

We work with specially trained chefs from Italy to perfect our recipe and serve you with only the best.

Slow Simmered Beef

Rich, complex and deeply delicious meat marinara sauce, which is slow simmered with well seasoned ground beef to give you maximum flavour!

Premium Imported Cheese from Tuscany, Italy

See that decadent and bubbly layer of cheese? We achieve that by using a combination of high quality Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Ricotta Cheese.

Handmade Lasagna Sheets

Nothing makes a lasagna better than thin, silky sheets of fresh pasta. The pasta sheets absorb the luscious tomato base sauce as the dish bakes, and helps bring the dish together. Our chefs have crafted an effective and tasty method to make lasagna sheets and they begin each business day by making a new batch.

Slow Simmered Ground Beef

To guarantee a thick luscious tomato sauce, we pick our ground beef very carefully and use premium ground beef with a higher fat content. Our chefs also let the sauce simmer on low heat to make sure that all of the flavours from the herbs and spices are well absorbed.

Premium Imported Cheese from Tuscany, Italy

We invest in getting premium quality cheese in order to give you that oozy creamy goodness! We use a mix of aged Cheddar Cheese, Buffalo Milk Mozzarella, and Sheep Milk Ricotta Cheese – all of which are imported from Tuscany, Italy. You will never taste the dullness of packaged powder cheese in our products. Only the freshet and the finest!