Nonna's Classic bacon Mac 'n' cheese

Singapore’s Most Authentic Mac ‘n’ Cheese

If there is one thing we love about Nonna’s meals, it’s got to be the freshness of it. Have you realised how our grandparents always tend to make things from scratch and use none of that processed ingredients and mysterious canned goods?

Nonna’s Classic Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese is just the same! We use aged Parmesan and Gruyère cheese that is made from fresh cow’s milk! To balance out the slightly sweet Gruyère, we have combined the salty goodness of premium smoked bacon to serve you with a bowl of melty, super creamy Mac ‘n’ Cheese. 

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with PURE CHEESE only!

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Nonna's Special Mac 'n' cheese shepherd's pie

'Nonna' - Grandma

The Origin of Nonna’s Creamy Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Remember those simpler days during your childhood? – when grandma used to make you something to fill your tummy? Well that is exactly what we are bringing to you! The concept of Nonna’s Creamy Mac ‘n’ Cheese revolves around the idea of creating comfort food that puts a smile on the faces of those who taste it!

We have perfected a traditional recipe that has been passed down from centuries, and spruced it up by using an assortment of high quality cheese! Our Mac ‘n’ Cheese tastes just like how your Nonna (Grandma) used to make it, but even better and with more bolder flavours!

the difference between real cheese and Processed Cheese


Pure Cheese


✓ Authentic Taste – Pure cheese that is imported or freshly made, tastes much more flavourful than its processed counter part. For instance, Cheddar tastes much sharper and Mozzarella tastes much creamier when its authentic! 

✓ No Added Milk and Fat – With real cheese you get the guaranteed freshness that processed cheese lacks in and you can taste the full creamy goodness of cheese due to its full milk content. 

✓ That Epic Cheese Pull – We all know that nothing tastes and looks better than an epic cheese pull! This can only be achieved with pure cheese that is not mixed with other ingredients. 


Processed Cheese


✗ Bland Taste – Because processed cheese isn’t 100% made from fresh milk, it pales in comparison. Processed cheese also takes a longer time to melt, and as a result, you fail to experience the classic melted cheese flavour.

✗ Added Milk and Fat -To save time and money, some companies, take out some of the milk that comes naturally with cheese production and replace it with processed milk protein concentrate or whey protein concentrate. 

✗ Less Melty – Due to the addition of other ingredients into the cheese making process, processed cheese takes a longer time to melt, or worse – it doesn’t melt at all. 






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