The Beginnings

Our journey started in 2011 when we were looking to find some good old Shepherd’s Pies for a Christmas party. Shepherd’s Pies weren’t so popular then, and it was rather difficult to find someone to bake them for us. Our party was coming up soon, and while we could have went for some other types of food, we really wanted to get Shepherd’s Pies as they were some of our favourite foods.

We started researching some recipes, and made our own Shepherd’s Pies! Over the years, we have since refined and perfected our recipe to what we believe to be the tastiest, freshest Shepherd’s Pies in Singapore.


Serving More and More

As people tried our pies during our Christmas dinners and parties, more and more people started asking us to bake for them too. This extended to more than just Christmas parties. Friends and family started ordering for birthdays, school events, dinners and even regularly just because they tasted so good.


From Passion to Business

We soon found ourselves baking non-stop and knew that it was time to do it more seriously. was founded to bake and deliver arguably the best Shepherd’s Pies in Singapore islandwide. 
We believe our pies to be the best and freshest in Singapore, but ultimately, it’s more important that you, as our customer, loves them! 

Try our pies and let us know how they taste!